Something has clicked with my kid. I can’t quite say “sit down and eat your broccoli,” but I can say, “if you want more avocado, sit down.” It works as long as I have something tasty. This is huge.

She’s learning. A few more weeks into our super-cool new bedtime deal and she knows the routine. Clearly this was always the goal, but to see her crawl for the bathtub or get pumped about brushing her six beautiful teeth thrills me. This I can work with.

She has stopped eating her books and has started to look at them. I can ask her to pick one out. She has favorites.

One favorite is Baby talk. It’s just babies doing things she knows: Where are baby’s toes? So big! All gone… A loves to look at those babies. Her eyes light up, as if thinking, I can do that! She laughs and laughs.

She plays along with Paul and Judy in Pat the bunny. This book is so archaic, and the friend who gifted it so cool, that I thought it was supposed to be ironic. Nope. Baby A can pat the bunny, smell the flowers, and feel daddy’s scratchy face.

At the end of story time when I sing to her, she snuggles in close and calm to enjoy the last soft minutes with mama. Tonight bedtime was tears-free. It’s weird, I’m starting to relate to her.

Love, mom

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