Happy Mother’s Day!

Avery: Mama, you know when I decided to be your kid? I saw a woman wearing this kinda shirt and that kinda jeans, and I said, yep, that looks like the best one!

Me: You saw me from the sky?

Avery: Yep. I just flew around from place to place looking for my mom. I flew to Africa. I flew to North America. I flew all the way to Nome and that’s where I first saw you.

Me: What was I doing when you first saw me?

Avery: You and Talus were husky-ing. 💜

Top questions/comments this week:

  • Mama, do you know plant food?
  • Mama, do refugees get to bring their pets?
  • Mama, can we build a snow block house?
  • Mama, is ginormous a real word?
  • Mama, do you want to go to the North Pole with me?
  • Mama’s, is there a horse pound?
  • Mama, will you help me knit a blanket?
  • Mama, are mountain monsters real?
  • Mama, why are these fuzzy black things on my socks?
  • Mama, I feel masticated.

Avery: I was just demonstrating my ankle for you.

Me: What?

Avery: Mama, what’s demonstrated?

Happy Mother’s Day!


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